1940s Faux Leopard Print Muff Purse

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Beautiful muff with zippered pocket in original box. Front is leopard print fur.  I'm unsure of the type of fur but it is very soft rather than coarse.  Back of muff is pleated satin with a Kover zipper.  There is a satin wrist strap for convenience.  Generous size to keep your hands warm and forgo carrying a purse.  Excellent condition, box is in fair condition.  Please note that the muff makes a crinkling noise that I believe is due to a lining in the back (fabric portion) that has dried out.  I have priced it accordingly as you may wish to replace the lining for a quieter accessory:)

Shipping will be higher due to the larger size of the box.  If you would prefer to ship without the box, please contact me.