1930s Two Piece Dress / Suit with Deco Detailing

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Rare 1930s two piece set consisting of a a long sleeve top and semi-fitted skirt in what I believe is a linen blend. Color is a rust red, not wine red/burgundy as some of the photos show. Top has a small collar, three bound buttonholes with large ball buttons (possibly bakelite) and cuffed sleeves featuring smaller ball buttons. A self belt cinches the waist with a matching slide buckle and while I have it fastened in back, it could be worn to the front as well. There are inverted pleats and lots of deco seaming front and back. The length of the belt can be adjusted larger or smaller by taking in or letting out the amount of fabric folded over the buckle. It was worn by someone with a smaller waist than the form which is why the buckle is off center. There is a couple inches of fabric to play with there. There is a snap closure on the side. The skirt has a thin waistband and two inverted kickpleats in front. It closes with a side metal zipper. Set is in excellent condition for it's age with only minor wear and some discoloration under one arm (see photo of underarms). Fabric is sturdy. Best for an xs:

Shoulder 14"

Sleeve 22"

Bust 34"

Waist 26.5"

Length 24"

Waist length 15"

Skirt Waist is just under 25", fit well but not tight on the form who's 24.5"

Hip 40"

Skirt Length 25 1/4"