1940s Floral Quilted Robe by I.Magnin

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1940s quilted robe / housecoat with a pansy print on an ivory ground.  Robe is fully lined in pink.  Long sleeves are slightly puffed at the shoulders.  Robe fits slim at the waist and closes with a single large snap.  The original belt is present.  There is a single small patch pocket over one hip.

There is some damage to the fabric at the nape and shoulder area and to a much lesser extent on one of the sleeves.  This happened while I was cleaning the garment unfortunately so I believe these areas were probably exposed to prolonged sunlight.  Despite this, the robe still have a lot of life left in it because the fabric is two layers plus the lining.  The printed fabric is composed of the top quilted layer and is secured by a second layer and then the lining is beneath.  It remains sturdy and wearable and because it's such a lovely piece I think it can serve someone well. The worst area I've pictured in the second to last photo, the back, also pictured is not as severe. Other than that, the lining is peeking out at the back hem and while I was able to remove all of the dirt and staining, the hemline is still faintly darker in a few areas.  This last flaw isn't noticeable as the darkening is faint and is only a thin area at the very bottom.  Price reflects condition but again, it remains wearable and presents well.

Shoulder: 13"

Waist: 24.5" with snap at current position.  The snap could be moved over several inches while still maintaining proper position of the collar.  Up to about 28" or so.

Hip: Free

Length: 54."

Waist length: 15"

Sleeve: 22"