1950s Umbrella Novelty Skirt

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1950s charcoal grey skirt with a rain/umbrella theme.  Umbrellas and raindrops are appliquéd and embroidered on the front with jewel accents Lot's of detail! Skirt closes with two flower MOP buttons and a back zipper.  The buttons were moved at one point to enlarge the waist, hence the small gap above the zipper.  They can over course be moved back but this gap wouldn't be noticeable over a dark slip.  I'm unsure of the fabric content but feels like perhaps a mid weight rayon or rayon blend.  Excellent condition with only minor wear.  There are a few loom imperfections in the fabric~it's composed of white and grey threads and there a few places where the are a few more white threads in the weave.  No staining or holes noted.

Waist: 26"

Length: 30"