1950s Strapless Sundress

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1950s cotton or cotton blend (possibly has some rayon content) strapless sundress.  Fabric is a dusty rose with chartreuse slubbing throughout~very pretty. Bustline is partially boned to stay up and shirred at center front and sides.  There is no waist seam but princess seams running from beneath the bust.  Faux pocket flaps over hips and there is a side metal zipper.  Excellent condition, I only noted some possible darkening at the back of the bodice.  I say 'possible' as I'm unsure if it's there or if it's shadowing.  It is minor in any case.  I didn't spot any other issues aside from light wear/aging.

Bust: 30" flat but room in the cups, should accommodate a 33"-34"

Waist: 25" to possibly a tight 26" 

Hips: Free

Length: 40